Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Morning After: Snowy March!!

And I thought the snow and flurries from the night before have all melted and left, leaving my neighborhood back to its spring-y scenario again.

But they didn't!

When I woke up today, the second Wednesday in March, I looked out my bedroom window and voila! Winter is back!
Thick snow have covered my neighbor's rooftops, covered the pavements below and totally brought me back to the winter-y attitude of not wanting to separate from the bed during the cold mornings!
And how I wanted to stay in bed a few more minutes...but had to go to work and endure the slush on the sidewalk and the inevitability of having my leather shoes get wet!

And instead of cursing the cold morning snow clouds above, I just went along with the freezing ride carrying with me my camera to take pictures in between slippery steps and intermittent outbursts of the 'F' word....which I could not write in here. Hahaha!
And you know what? A few of those photos (above) ended up being aired by CNN for their weather section. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the broadcast since I was at the office cornered by my computer and reports. Oh well...
Anyways, I hope the temperatures get warmer to thaw my snowy environment and slush-y sidewalk.

Gosh, winter! You should have gone a season ago! Hahaha!

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