Saturday, 26 June 2010

Badminton in the summer...

I like playing badminton because it's fast, requires quick thinking and enjoyable while losing weight.

So, one weekend, I joined my friend Seung-Ho in his quest to improve his badminton skills and....perhaps to defeat me. Hahaha!

It's always difficult to find good indoor badminton courts in Seoul. I remember I was told I could only find badminton courts on outdoor parks, where it's played on dirt -- a slippery, windy and dusty alternative. Not good enough for me. I need an indoor court with no wind to blow away the shuttle, no sun to blind my smashes and most of all, with a solid yet soft surface which is not bad to the joints.

But lucky me. My friend was able to find a great badminton courts at Yancheong-gu, with its clean, well-lit hall, solid surface wooden surface and cheap rent fees. Was it only W4,000 an hour? And the place was huge! If I remember right, there were 14 courts!

And we played for two hours - both singles and doubles with other players whom we only met there.

I probably lost a couple of pounds playing badminton that afternoon, which I gained back after ... a dinner of buddae-jiggae.

I definitely want to go back there some lose a few pounds again and enjoy the game.


PS. Try calling these numbers to get more details about the badminton courts: (02)2606-9301 or 2606-9302.


  1. malaysian and looking for badminton court.
    can i know where this place located?

  2. Hi, I don't have the exact address of the badminton court in Yangcheongu as it was my friend who drove us there. But you can call the district office (website below) and ask about its location in Yangcheongu. Hope you'll be able to find it.

  3. This is the link of the badminton courts. Just go to the link and you will find the contact numbers and address:

    1. Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me the the location of the badminton court in Yangcheongu? If not can you provide a phone number or a link to the address? The link address posted above seems to not work for me.

    2. I edited the post to include the telephone numbers of the badminton courts. I just got the numbers from my friend.