Monday, 26 July 2010

Enjoying Pinoy Food in Korea!

Some people crave for certain types of food. And some people would do anything to satisfy their craving. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I am not some people. Ha-ha-ha!

On days when I crave for a certain Filipino food which I know I wouldn't be able to easily get in Seoul, I simply shrug it off and grab the closest thing: Papa John's pepperoni pizza or Due Cose's seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce! Ha-ha-ha! (Closest? Closest to my tummy, that is).

But throughout these years of living in Seoul, I have been lucky to have met some wonderful Filipinas who brought over to Korea (and into my tummy) their mastery of the Philippine cuisine! These Filipinas who have fed the hungry (and me) with their Pinoy dishes are a blessing to the Filipinos living in Korea inasmuch as the Philippine Expeditionary Forces were a blessing to South Korea during the war.

Tasting Pinoy dishes in Korea such as 'Kare-kare', Paella Valenciana', 'Crispy Pata', 'Pancit Malabon', or 'Lumpiang Prito' cooked by Jeannie, Christina, Aimee, Alfie, Liza, Bella, Yasmin and Cora (who else did I miss?), I figured home is closer than I thought!

So, I thank these ladies for the countless dishes I wiped clean, and the enjoyment they brought to my tummy (and the weighing scale? Ha-ha-ha!).

But in case you don't find your way to these ladies' kitchens, an alternate route is through Exit 1 of the Hyehwa Station, just walk straight until you reach the Pinoy market (which is only open on Sundays).

Let's enjoy the 'lutong-bahay' (home-cooked meal) Pinoy dishes in Korea!

(The top photo is of 'pitsi-pitsi', puto, puto kutsinta, suman and ensaimadas, while the seventh photo is 'ginata-an' -- a few of Pinoy desserts and snacks).


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  3. Your pinoy food look be so good! I've always loved Filipino dishes. I really love all these photos of Filipino food recipes. Thank you for sharing. - Pabz of

  4. I like Filipino food too.
    I've been to Manilla and I miss them even thought I don't remember their exact names.
    I miss the buco(coconut) pie too.

  5. oh man, they look so delicious!!! I wish California's southern CA had street food vendors like these.