Saturday, 17 July 2010

"Here comes the rain again...

...falling on my head like a memory... falling on my head like a new emotion".

Well, they started to fall yesterday, Friday, then continued until the weekend. Sorry, Annie, they didn't fall as memories or new emotions, but as real, heavy rain. Excess water to be exact.

I already noticed late Friday, the monsoon rains started to cause heavy traffic in the Yongsan-gu area, with vehicles moving very slow and their headlights on as early as 5PM.

And as Friday started partially sunny, a few unprepared pedestrians got soaked in the downpour later that day. Lucky for me, I have an extra umbrella tucked under my office desk just in case the unexpected, such as this, happens. Lucky me, indeed.

And as the rain has practically ruined any badminton, any tennis or perhaps, any trip to Myeong-dong or Itaewon this weekend, I just sequestered myself in the neighborhood holding up an umbrella and a camera while I walked around singing....and the rain.

These are the photos from today.

So, as the Eurythmics' lyrics opened this blog, I let Gene Kelly close it.

"I'm singing in the rain....just singing in the rain....what a glorious feeling...I'm happy again...."


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