Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Birds Are Back...

In the rural Philippines, all year-round, a typical 'alarm clock' that wakes everyone up is the crowing of the rooster. 

In Seoul, if you're living in a residential area, the irritating noise from the loudspeakers on trucks selling fruits and vegetables in the early morning will not just wake you up, it will also ruin the rest of your day!

But today, I was awakened not by a rooster nor by an ajussi selling fruits. I was awakened by the birds! 

My winter mornings have been really quiet during the past months, but today, for the first time, the chirping of the birds, which I imagined were jumping from one branch to another on my neighbor's tree, and twig by twig, slowly building a nest which I may see taking shape soon, woke me up.

So the birds are back, back from their migration and back in the neighborhood. Tree, that is.

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