Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Oscars Coverage in Korea Sucks!

A week before the 83rd Academy Awards, I I was so looking forward to watch Channel CGV's airing of the 83rd Academy Awards on Monday night.

Because of the difference in time zones, the Oscars were being held Sunday night in Los Angeles, while it was Monday morning in Korea, a work day. And even though the channel aired it live, it was impossible to watch.

And so, I looked forward to watch the replay of the show on Monday night, but was just disappointed.

On Monday night, the whole show was turned into a 'highlights' of sorts, where selected scenes, awards and speeches were squeezed into an hour of incoherent sequencing, where Korean subtitles (on the right side of the TV screen) competed for your attention alongside the laughing, comments and coughing (!) of Korean voice-overs. 

Well, it's Channel CGV's prerogative to turn the 83rd Academy Awards into one hour of horrible editing.

I guess they just don't know how to handle Hollywood's biggest night.

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  1. I saw the live coverage while working out at the gym...I got so irritated with the commentators that I just stopped watching the whole show