Wednesday, 3 August 2011

And The Answer To A Hot Summer Night Is...

I was planning to head home early and hit the gym, but with the warm temperatures even in the early evening, transferring on foot from Line 4 to Line 6 at the Samgakji Station already felt like a workout.

So, after getting off sweaty and hungry at the my favorite subway station, Itaewon, I decided feed myself and regulate my boiling body temperature. I told myself that I already had my workout that night. No more gym, and no need to hurry home.

And after grabbing a taco and a burrito at the nearest fast food, I still felt like the evening was still incomplete. I didn't have yet the answer to a hot summer night. An icy delight was missing.

And here was the answer!
A cup of Cake Batter flavored ice cream from Coldstone, being enjoyed inside an air conditioned room while watching the Itaewon crowd by the window.

So, this ice cold delight (plus the perfect spot to enjoy it!) will always be the perfect answer, no matter what the question. Ha-ha-ha!

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