Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Autumn Tennis Begins!

I had to wake up soooooo early today to make it to the Jangchung Tennis Courts. My tennis club reserved the courts from 6AM to 9AM. I arrived at 8. Ha-ha-ha! Early daw, o. 

It was a fun morning to run around court, although I wasn't  too happy as I didn't find it too sunny. I could have lost more weight and got myself a nice tan in the process. Ha-ha-ha! I guess it's really autumn then!
But last week, at the finals of the the exciting 2011 US Open, when Australia's Sam Stosur won the women's singles title, I  was very happy for her and for my Aussie friends. She certainly deserved it! And as always, Serena Williams didn't surprise anyone with her lack of sportswomanship. Insulting a chair umpire? At the finals of a grand slam?!  And that's the second time she did it. In 2009, she threatened to kill a linesperson for foot-faulting her. 

This kind of tennis players with no breeding, un-cultured and un-educated should never be allowed to be called 'professionals'. Serena should take it from my Korean tennis player friends who 'bow' and greet their opponents 'anyeong-haseyo' when it's their first time to serve in a match. How respectful! (Although they foot-fault all the time. Ha-ha-ha!)

And speaking of Aussie friends, some of them are coming to join the 2011 Hansol Open next week at the Olympic Park! I was there last year to watch Dinara Safina, Ana Ivanovic and the other big girls, and even got to chat with Jarmila Groth and Klara Zakopalova, after Klara won over Julia Goerges, who was stunningly gorgeous!

So, after next Saturday's tennis, I may head to the Olympic Park for the semi-finals, and the next day again for the finals. I look forward to watching and (maybe) meeting the legendary Japanese player, Komiko Date-Krumm, who, at 40-something, still guns it out against the current top players. She is incredibly fit!

The Olympic Park has no good restaurants. So I better stuff myself with the tennis breakfast before getting on the subway.

I am looking forward to watch these top players again. And perhaps, learn a thing or two...

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