Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gifts From iBuzzKorea and Shinsegae!

It's always fun to receive a receive a gift. And it's double the fun if you get two gifts!

When I read on the iBuzzKorea homepage that gifts are being given away for the Touch Korea Tour Pack event, I immediately signed in and registered for the free gifts! Who wouldn't want to have miss A's latest CD?
And one weekend, after buying a few things from the Namdaemun Market, I walked towards the Shinsegae Department Store and presented my printed registration at the Customer Service Desk!
When I handed my printout, the ladies at the desk already knew what it was! So, I had no trouble explaining what I was there for. The immediately gave me that Touch Korea Tour brochure, pack and of course, the miss A music CD!
And on top of these gifts, they told me that I need to go another counter to receive another gift!

What? Another one?
I headed to the Delamer counter a few meters away and showed another helpful lady my lucky gift coupon! 

Well, it was a La Mer cream from which she put in this little green box. 

So, if you haven't gotten your Touch Korea Tour Packs yet, just do the steps on the 'event' page of the link below, and you're off to the Shinsegae Department Store!
Kamsa-hamnida to iBuzzKorea and Shinsegae for these gifts!  I am playing miss A's CD now, and as to the cream? Well, I haven't opened it yet. Maybe somebody else would want to have it?

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