Saturday, 12 May 2012

Strolling Through Gangnam

I guess the spring weather makes most couples want to get married. So, I took a bus from Hannam-dong to get to Ramada Hotel in Gangnam-gu to attend a colleague's wedding.
Gang-nam means 'south of the river', and that means I had to cross the Han River to get there.
Ji-hoong 's wedding was held in the hotel's huge ballroom. A lot of tables, a lot of well-wishers, but a few familiar faces. It lasted an hour, and everyone was off to continue their weekend. So, after wishing the bride and the groom a blissful married life (while still burping! Ha-ha-ha!), I thought of walking off the heavy meal.
With my busy workload, I hardly cross the river these days. And the stretch from the hotel all the way to the Kyobo Tower looked more like an exercise route for me than a six-lane Gangnam avenue that afternoon.
I would have wanted to wear my Nikes while doing this long stroll. But since I was attending a wedding, I made a little concession. I wore loafers. Ha-ha-ha!
And because it was a weekend, I found the stretch quite empty of pedestrians. But still a lot of cars though.
And on a cool spring afternoon, one pedestrian was walking through the avenue looking more like a tourist rather than someone still full from a wedding banquet. Ha-ha-ha!
The street was lined mostly with office buildings. This area was obviously not a residential zone.
If this part of Gangnam was full of cars even on a weekend, I wondered how it is during rush hour!
I would have enjoyed the long stroll had there been more picturesque things to see other than the street lamps and tall buildings.
And the afternoon sun provided some shadows.
Upon seeing this building with holes, I realized I was at the end of my stroll.

Up close, this building looked like Swiss cheese with holes.
My long afternoon stroll ended at this bus stop near the Kyobo Building intersection. I took a bus to cross the river to Hannam-dong, while the newlyweds took a bridal car to their honeymoon.

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