Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Rainy Seoul Sunday Calls For Hot Tsokolate And Puto!

It's been a nasty summer so far. So, when I woke up today (almost noon actually!) and looked out my window, it was cloudy and drizzling!  

What a welcome change in the weather....and a drop in the temperatures, I hoped!

So, I hurried out in my gym gear and saw people in the neighborhood walking around with umbrellas. I never thought bringing an umbrella myself. For summer's sakes, it was just a drizzle!  And since I would be sweating in the neighborhood gym, I wouldn't mind getting wet in the rain anyway.

And after spending less than an hour in the gym (which was almost empty!), it was time for breakfast.
I usually have cereals, but today, with the rain cooling the neighborhood, I had to enjoy my tablea tsokolate and Manapla puto, which I brought with me from Manila!

                         (The tablea tsokolate from home)

And on a kettle with boiling soy milk, I melted one tablet of tsokolate, and steamed my Manapla puto!
(Cheese flavored Manapla puto)

I am not exactly sure how many Pinoys in Seoul are enjoying a cup of hot native Philippine tsokolate paired with the best Philippine puto on this rainy Seoul Sunday.
        (My hot tsokolate with plain flavor Manapla puto)

But rain or shine, at least there's one enjoying them right now. Kain po tayo! (Let's eat!)

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