Thursday, 20 December 2012

Checking In, But I Forgot My Passport!

I finally arrived at the Incheon International Airport. Thanks to the very convenient airport limousine buses passing through my neighborhood in Seoul, I was able to get to the airport in just about an hour.

And instead of a hop, skip and jump to the Cebu Pacific check-in counter when I arrived at the airport, it was rather a hop, skip and drag. Dragging my heavy luggage, that it.

I found the 'J' row of check-in counters, which made me feel I was almost almost home. And standing there to check in, I opened my handcarry bag to look for my e-ticket and my passport. I pulled out the e-ticket printout, but I couldn't seem to find my passport. 

Hmm. It must be somewhere inside the bag. I tried looking again and again, and again, but couldn't find it. Could this be happening?  I think the unthinkable just happened...

...I FORGOT MY PASSPORT!  Waaaaah!!!

I could not believe it. As I stood there helpless at the check-in counter I was asking myself, 'how can this happen?' I am soooo organized that these things do not happen to me! How can this be?!

I took me a few moments for the whole horror movie of an experience to sink in. Then, training kicked in, so to speak. I had to think of the quickest way back home: the express train to Seoul Station, or an expensive cab ride from the Incheon International Airport to Hannam-dongDo I have time?

And as I was pondering which option to take when suddenly....

I WOKE UP!  Whew! 

I was soooo relieved it was just a dream that I'd rather not experience in reality. Or it could have been a real nightmare.

I guess these dreams come up in one's sleep when travelling is all what one thinks about. Oh well, luckily, it was just a dream. I am sure it won't happen to me in reality. Or at the Incheon International Airport. Ha-ha-ha!

Have passport, will travel. Ha-ha-ha!
Passport. Don't leave home without it.

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