Friday, 15 February 2013

Poog-Eo For Lunch, Anyone?

On that block opposite the Lotte Hotel near the Myeong-dong area, are alleys upon alleys of restaurants and cafes. It's like a labyrinth where you have to get lost first before you get rewarded with a happy meal.
And that's what my friend JK and I did. We meandered through the alleyways in order to find one of the most popular restaurants in the block! A poog-eo restaurant!

Poog-eo is actually dried pollack, and this restaurant serves it in a soup with rice! JK told me that this dish is actually good for those with hangover. But I wondered whether all these office people lining up to get a seat were all drunk the night before? Ha-ha-ha!

Or maybe just like me, they just want to have this dish for lunch today!

We had to wait for a few minutes to get a table. Luckily, the weather outside was not as freezing as the winter week before. But standing and waiting to be seated just added a little bit excitement (and hunger!) as the queue was just next to the window where I could see the cooks preparing the dish.
This restaurant doesn't serve any other dish, only poog-eo. And the customer turnover is fast! Even though you could get seconds! I guess it's because everyone was rushing back to work. Or maybe, everyone was just cured of their hangover! Ha-ha-ha!
So, next time you have a hangover to get rid of, or when you simply want to have a hot soup of dried pollack, you know where to head to. 

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