Friday, 13 December 2013

The National Museum Of Korea's Autumn Foliage

The National Museum of Korea is just in my neighborhood. And every morning, as I ride the Blue Bus 400, I pass by its monumental structure, where a few passengers get off. These passengers must be working in the Museum (which reminds me of a guy who rides the same bus and gets off at the stop near Asterium, an apartment building where my friend, Rio and her family live. I told Rio that one day I saw the same guy at Delhi, an Indian restaurant at Asterium; he works there.)

Anyway, Rio once told me she and her friend Joy would walk from Asterium and stroll around the National Museum of Korea on clear weather days. Asterium is actually just a few hundred meters from the Museum, and walking around the huge area is actually an exercise.

So, on lunch break, I decided to stroll around the Museum as well. It's just a subway ride from my workplace and spending less than an hour on a cool autumn day on the Museum grounds would be a relaxing time I realized only a few are lucky to enjoy.

So, on one lunch break, I hurried down to the subway station and rushed to the Museum with my cameras and with the purpose of taking photographs of the autumn foliage at the front area of the Museum, which I only see from the bus window every morning. I actually observed the changing of the colors of the foliage days before I decided to go to make sure that my visit would be perfect. 

And I wasn't alone. Around the area where women strolling, kids playing, tourists visiting and school kids having their educational tour. Even a baby on a stroller looked very happy as he was roaming around the grounds. I have been inside the Museum years ago with friends Lynette and Rene from Australia. That was the last time I set foot in the area.

And seeing the ducks on the pond in front of the Museum, I wonder if, during winter, do they also fly south to migrate? Perhaps, I should return to the pond to check whether they're still there.

And at the balcony towards the back of the Museum, I could see a part of the US Army Garrison in Yongsan and Nam-san (Mt.Nam) a few kilometers away. On a really clear day, the view of Nam-san with the NSeoul Tower is actually postcard-ish. I was also able to stroll Nam-san's main road full of Gingko trees this season.

I am not really a museum person; I don't exactly enjoy roaming those huge halls just to see those artifacts and sculptures made by dead people. So, to me, on a short lunch break, walking around the grounds of the National Museum of Korea and just trying to enjoy a cool autumn weather while taking photographs were enough. I didn't have to pay any entrance fee. Ha-ha-ha!

And if you also want to take a stroll around the National Museum of Korea, take the subway, Line 4, and get off at Ichon Station.  At this station's Exit 2, you will find a tunnel that leads to the museum grounds.

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