Monday, 14 April 2014

Studying The Korean Language with WILD KOREAN!

Lately, I went back to studying hangeul...again!

I actually have studied years ago by enrolling in classes at one of the language institutes in the Jongno area. And these days, I just want to polish and level up on my skills in the Korean language.

Having a full-time job, I found it difficult to squeeze in classes at night far from my workplace, or even during the weekends. Luckily, I stumbled upon this website, where volunteer teachers conduct free Korean classes!

Kongbubang - is just by Exit 2 of the Sookmyung Women's University of Line 4, and they conduct classes on Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.
                                     (At the bus stop!)

As I have been attending these classes, I found a Korean language book to complement my studies. It's the Wild Korean book, which was written by one of our Korean teachers, Mr. Sanghyun Ahn. Compared to the other Korean language books I used before, this one helps me navigate through daily experiences as it provides the vocabulary, grammar and usage for specific situations. It also provides insights into the Korean culture. These days, I carry this book with me: on the bus, in the subway and everywhere else!

But before you use this book, one must have the basic reading skills already as this is NOT for beginners. You must at least have basic knowledge of reading the Korean alphabet and must have a few Korean classes under your belt. It's a highly recommended book for anyone who needs to use the Korean language in his or her daily living...especially for me living in Seoul.

I think this is available in bookstores in Korea. But if you're overseas, here's a link to its page in

So, if you're studying hangeul, too, good luck to our Korean language studies!
                       (With my book in Myeongdong!)

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