Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cherry Blossoms....From Nam-san With Love!

I would have wanted to quote James Bond's From Russia With Love, but we're not in Russia. We're in Korea! Specifically, in Seoul!

So, the cherry blossoms have all gone. Unfortunately for some international tourists who arrived late in Korea,  no tree in Seoul bears those white, pink flowers anymore. The blooms have lasted for about a little longer than two weeks, during which time millions of Seoulites and tourists have taken millions of photos and selfies.

Although the most popular spot to enjoy the blooms in Seoul is at Yeouido, the other spot which I always recommended is at Nam-san.  

So, on one of the weekends when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I dropped by the War Memorial of Korea and took a few photos from that vantage. I think that's the only spot which I could take a photo from, showing the whole mountain. Unless, of course, I break into someone's apartment near Huam-dong in the Yongsan District and take a photo from their window, or rooftop. Ha-ha-ha! 

I didn't anymore go up the mountain to see the blooms. I was sure thousands must also be up there, and I didn't want to join that huge crowd. Been there, done that. But from my spot at the Memorial, I wondered what it would have looked like had the mountain been planted with more cherry blossoms. I could see the cherry blossoms that lined up that one-way road going down from the NSeoul Tower. One can either walk the trail going up or down. Some bike their way up. This path is actually narrow and is being used by the yellow Nam-sam buses as well as the tourist buses. 

So, if you want to take a picture in the middle of the road, you have to watch out for these buses. Otherwise, the bus driver (and all his passengers!) would photobomb your sweet, romantic picture with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ha-ha-ha!

But once you got that picture, it always will be from Nam-san...with love!

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