Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spring, Strawberries And Smoothies!

Even my friends swear (in a good way!) that strawberries from Korea are the best! Sweet, huge and, well, if you're buying it from the neighborhood fruit vendor, very cheap, too!

I always look forward to spring and autumn when strawberries are in season. And when the fruit vendor, who parks his open van at any busy intersection in suburban Seoul, starts displaying these small packs of freshly picked strawberries, it's always the time to make smoothies! Of course, I also buy some ripe bananas to go with my strawberries.

Strawberry smoothies usually costs about KRW4,500 from any stall. And they come in small cups! But with a pack of fresh strawberries, a bunch of bananas, a quart of soy milk and a few spoonfuls of brown sugar, I can make my own the litter! Or more!

I sometimes bring a jug full of fresh smoothies to work so that I can enjoy them all day long. I store it first in the office refrigerator, and just take it out whenever I feel like guzzling down a cold, healthy drink that's full of the creamy strawberry and banana flavors.
I'm thankful to these fruit vendors selling their produce in neighborhoods around Seoul. They sell cheaper fruits than grocery stores because they don't spend on any overhead! Who knows? These fruits must have even been picked from their own farms! 

So, whenever I see strawberries and bananas at the back of their open vans, I don't see fruits. I see my strawberry-banana smoothies! Ha-ha-ha!

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  1. hi. have you ever brought fresh strawberries from korea to the philippines? do they let you check it in your baggage?