Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lost In Dongdaemun? Just Follow The Arrows!

I was crossing the street in the Dongdaemun area today when I saw this totem pole with directions.

I just came from a tennis shop near Exit 4 of the Dongdaemun Culture and History Station to get my tennis rackets new strings, and was heading to the bus stop across the street.

The totem pole caught my eye as it was the only unique and colorful structure waiting for me on the other side of the street. And when I did, I had to get closer and find out to which directions the totem pole was leading me to.

On top was the direction to North Pole and South Pole, although I was wondering whether the North Pole arrow correctly pointed to the North Magnetic Pole or the Geographic North Pole. Maybe next time I am in the area, I should test whether it's correct; I just downloaded a compass app on my phone. But I'm not really going to walk that far to the North Pole; I just wanted to get to the nearest bus stop. Ha-ha-ha!
The other locations the arrows were pointing to looked like were written in Russian and Mongolian. Maybe because there are large Russian and Mongolian communities within the Dongdaemun District. How thoughtful of the Dongdaemun District Mayor! If you're from Ulaanbaatar or Astana, it would be nice to see that home is just an arrow away. 

Now, my question is: why isn't there a totem pole in the Pinoy market in Hyewha-dong where I can see an arrow that points to Bacolod City, my hometown? Calling the Jongno District Mayor!
Other arrows on the totem pole point to the nearby popular areas in the Dongdaemun area like the Pyounghwa Market, where shoppers can find the bag heaven.

So, in case you're lost in Dongdaemun, or simply want to know how far and to which direction is the North or South Pole, just stand in front of this totem pole that's right behind Exit 5 of the Dongdaemun Culture and History Park, and just across the street from Exit 4. 

And I hope you'll be able to find your way then!

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