Friday, 7 November 2014

The Hongdae Live Performances: From Heavy Metal Rockin' To Outdoor Singing

The last time I was at Hongdae, I promised to return more often. And the last time I was here early this year, I listened to heavy metal music. And last weekend, I listened to heavy metal...and a lot more.

When you mention 'Hongdae', everyone immediately knows what you're referring to:  young crowd, lots of restaurants and bars, food stalls on the street, lots of indie artists and street performers, and a lively night scene! And this area is always full on Friday and Saturday nights!  Trying exiting from the Hongik Station on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll know what I mean. 

And last weekend, Rodfest continued on with its 2014 rock concert series. Last spring, it was held at the concert hall near Hapjeong Station. This time, it's at the V-Hall, which was near Hong-ik University Station.

                                     (Diablo on stage)

Rock bands billed for the Rodfest Vol. 5 were Manixive, Gwamegi, Method, Crash and the Diablo. As always, the audience mostly consisted of university students who just wanted a night away from their classrooms and away from their textbooks. They were there in the middle of the V-Hall banging their heads, screaming with the rock bands and running around in circles just letting steam off from the stressful life of being a university student.
Thanks to the K-Performance Supporters team of the Korea Tourism Organization, I had my dose of Korean indie rock scene again that night right in the middle of where it should be enjoyed, Hong-dae!

After the rock concert, I moved around that small park a few meters from Exit 9 of the Hong-ik University Station (Line 2). At this time of the night, it was full of performers, singers and craftspersons who were selling their art works on the street.
                                  (If you sing, they will come)

(They're queuing for a KRW1,000 caricature from this artist)

The atmosphere that night was more fun than any street festival organized by the Seoul city government. In Hongdae, you don't need to promote or invite people to come. Everyone will just show up and listen to you sing, rap, perform, or do magic. Why?  Because this is Hongdae!
                                    (Beatboxing for a crowd)

                              (Nail art on the street)

Here, be it inside a concert venue where heavy metal was rocking the crowd, or outdoors, where artists performed live (and without the need for make-up or back-up dancers like those manufactured performers on TV) for everyone who wanted to listen, the atmosphere is very friendly and fun. 
                             (This guy wants to give free hugs)
                                    (The girls and a clown)
So, if you're fed up with your boring neighborhood, you know you can always head down to Hongdae in Seoul, the center of the indie spirit and underground club culture in Korea.

                                            (Midnight snacks!)
                                    (Night shopping!)

And don't forget Exit 9 on your way out. Have fun!

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