Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Photo of the Day: The Royal Guard of Gyeongbuk Palace

During the Joseon Dynasty, he must have guarded the gates to the royal palace with some shiny and sharp weapon ready to protect the royal family from any intruder.

But unlike his counterparts centuries ago, there is no longer any royal family to protect, nor a dynasty to serve. Today, he only has a spot to fill, a costume to wear, and a lot of tourists to entertain.

He is the royal guard at the Gyeongbuk Palace in Seoul, Korea. He stands there like a statue and oblivious to the noisy tourists who are either taking his photos, posing with him, and on a few occasions, taking selfies with him. 

Holding his yellow flag on a pole with his right hand, and a small sword on with his left, and staring afar, this stern-looking royal guard in a bright blue costume provides our photo of the day.

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