Thursday, 4 June 2015

The 2015 HiSeoul Bike Parade: Have a Bike, Will Pedal!

I wonder why I don't see a lot of cyclists pedaling around Seoul during weekdays.

It's only during the weekend when I see trails of cyclists along the streets of Seoul or along the Han River's biking paths. I think, for most Seoulites, cycling is just for exercising, and not exactly a mode of transportation.

I can understand; it's scary riding a bike in the streets of Seoul when some Korean drivers don't have any desire to obey traffic rules or respect pedestrian lanes. There was an accident a few years ago, when professional cyclists, who were training for a competition, were run over at the expressway by a cargo truck driver because he wasn't paying attention to the road. He was watching a Korean drama on his smart phone! Some of those cyclists were killed on the spot! 
                (Bikers on their way to Banpo Park)

But this Sunday, September 20, cyclists won't be worrying about  getting run over by a car or a bus. They will have the streets all to themselves.

From Gwanghwamun Square to the Namdaemun monument, down to Seoul Station up to Samgakji Station, and through Hanggang-daero up to Hanggang Bridge in the Yongsan District, the streets will be closed from 8AM up to 9AM. 

And turning right upon reaching the Hanggang Bridge, the bikers will pass through the biking path along the Han River all the way up to the World Cup Stadium in the Mapo District. 

The organizers are calling this a 'biking parade', much like a fun run for cyclists. This is to raise awareness on the use of bicycles to conserve energy and perhaps, encourage everyone to frequently use this transportation for health purposes as well.

This won't be like a Tour de France, where everyone races against each other. This is to gather the community together on motor-less wheels and have fun cycling around Seoul in the name of environmental conservation and health promotion.

               (One of a few guys I saw in Seoul                       riding a bike presumably going home)

Although registration is over, you may still want more information from their official website below, but it's in Korean. Who knows? You may still be able to join the parade as long as you're free on Sunday morning and have a bike to ride.

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