Sunday, 6 September 2015

Seoul's Dongho: Not A Bridge Too Far

I always call this bridge the Oksu Bridge. Why? Because if you take the subway, Oksu Station (of Line 3) is the last subway station from my side of the Han River before it crosses over to the Gangnam side. And the other station waiting on the Gangnam side is Apgujeong Station. 

But these days (or nights for that matter!), I call it by its real name, Dongho Bridge.

I have been walking along the Han River banks all these years, and probably could name most of the bridges that traverse the river. And on these walks, I always get drawn towards the popular Banpo Bridge, where the rainbow fountains are installed.

But lately, I found that the Banpo fountains have lost their colors, I decided to walk (and look!) the other way. Like a moth, I got drawn towards another colorful bridge: the Dongho Bridge!

From afar, Dongho Bridge's bluish, lavender lights that seem to have been smartly installed on the edge of the bridge, reflect on the Han River's waters below on a still night.

In summer, the cyclists, joggers, couples, mom with baby strollers, and one Pinoy get to stop for a moment and admire the relaxing colors of the bridge. 

And since Dongho Bridge hosts the train track of Line 3, the Orange Line, I wonder if it was deliberate that they painted the steel beams on the bridge orange. And even the huge concrete bridge support below are bathed in light and reflect an orangey light, making the look complete. 

Although it has no fountains and no tourists gathered around it like its neighbor two bridges away, Dongho Bridge has its own true colors.

                      (No fishing!)

See you again tonight, Dongho Bridge!

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