Monday, 2 November 2015

Still Got The Halloween Hangover?

        (A big bumble bee (in yellow) on the train; it got off at Noksapyeong Station)

Yes, for most of us who went out to party last Saturday night, on Hallow's Eve, there must have been a Halloween hangover the day after.

But I am sure for those who went out to party, it was worth it!

On my way to the Yongsan District from Mapo after our Pinoy Halloween party at our friends Wendy and Manny's place near the World Cup Stadium area, I took the subway and decided to get off at the Itaewon Station.

Even during my subway ride, I already saw a lot of people wearing costumes and painted faces. There was even a guy wearing a big yellow, bumble bee costume, who gamely posed with fellow passengers for a photo. He and another guy wearing a lady bug costume got off at Noksapyeong Station. I guess their party was around Haebangchon or Gyeonggidan.

But what surprised me was the crowd. When I got off at Itaewon Station, the stairs and escalator going up were full of merry-makers that made it look like it was the biggest crowd I have ever seen alighting at this station in all the years I have lived in Seoul! I couldn't even compare the crowds that attended the Itaewon's global festival a few weekends back. I have only seen this kind of a huge crowd during the Yeouido fireworks festival cramming the Saetgang Station on my way home!

And when I finally got out of the Itaewon Station, voila! Thousands filled up the sidewalks and the entrances to the bars along the main road.

Some people made an effort to really dress up for Halloween, while some just had a painted face and some boring head-piece, which made me wonder: it could have been scarier if some people, with their freshly sutured facial wounds, walked around Itaewon straight out from plastic surgery clinics. Ha-ha-ha!

Those people must have gone home the next morning upon sunrise. But with these huge crowds, I was not exactly sure if those bars and clubs were able to accommodate everyone. Perhaps, they only let in people who were wearing interesting costumes?

And unless you were able to catch the last train out of Itaewon Station, or the last bus passing through the main road that night, I doubt whether you would have been able to catch a cab with all those drunk passengers competing for one.

So, if you were there last Saturday night in Itaewon, how was your Halloween hangover?

              (Halloween partygoers on scooters)

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