Monday, 29 February 2016

Hit Me Baby One More Time: The Last Snow This Winter?

I was already wearing shorts a couple of weeks ago during the Seollal holidays. Yes, I thought it was going to be spring as temperatures seemed to get warmer. 

But last week, temperatures dropped to freezing again and worse, snow was in the forecast, too!

Well, I guess spring had to wait a few more days. 

And when the snow finally came last Sunday afternoon, it turned everything white again. 

Lucky me, I was at the Namsan area at the National Theater of Korea side. And from where I was, it was a different perspective seeing the mountainside blanketed in white. I wasn't alone in appreciating the change in color. A lot of people wearing taking photos, too.

           (A couple and their white background)

Although they are very nice to look at, I just hope this was the last snow this winter. Otherwise, that Britney song will ringing in my head again..."hit me baby one more time..."
                        (Seoul Tower in white)


  1. Beautiful photos of snow, especially the last three; a winter wonderland.

  2. Great shots!! It almost looked like black and white. :-) Very postcard worthy photos.