Saturday, 2 July 2016

Piss Me, er, Kiss Me In The Rain...

On some days, these drizzles in Seoul seemed like a shy patch of monsoon rain. In the Philippines, where I grew up, drizzles are hardly taken seriously. It's like somebody up there in the skies just decided to take a pee. And what came down was just a sprinkle of, well, something liquid. Ha-ha-ha!

But today's rain in Seoul is more than a drizzle. It's the real thing! A heavy, continuous downpour, much like the ones I used to enjoy when I was a kid! I remember, during monsoon seasons, my playmates and I would run around the neighborhood and play in the rain. Of course, I always would ask permission from my grandmother, or from my nanny, who both looked after me when my parents were not home. And most of the time, they said 'yes'! 
In my Hannam-dong neighborhood, I sometimes see kids running around during a heavy weekend rain. It's good to see them away from their computers and from their English schools. In Korea, kids spend most of their time studying, and they hardly enjoy their time being kids.  
And hopefully this weekend, the rain will continue to drench the city, which will be a fun idea for the kids to run out from their apartment buildings and enjoy their childhood.

In the meantime, perhaps an old Barbra Streisand song will ring in our heads again:

"Kiss me in the rain...make me feel like a child again...Bring back all those memories.

Kiss me in the rain...and make me feel like a child again...With the feeling that I get, I don't even mind if we get wet."

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