Saturday, 24 December 2016

Simbang Gabi in Pinas!

I was hoping it was really a 'midnight' Mass, and not just a misa de gallo (rooster's mass), which I thought was a mass celebrated at dawn before the crowing of the rooster.

But the aguinaldo Mass (literally, gift mass) is actually celebrated at 4AM here in the Philippines for nine mornings before Christmas Day. And I was able to finally attend one again!

Years ago, I have always wanted to visit a church at night to see some real ghosts. I was thinking if ever there would be a place where grounded spirits can be felt, a haunted house or a church could be the place. But unfortunately, I don't know of a real haunted house in my neighborhood. Ha-ha-ha!

After waking up as early as 2:30AM in order to get to our parish church before the pews filled up for the 4AM Mass, I dragged my mom with me to the church.

And when we got there just after 3AM, I didn't see any lost souls wandering inside the church, only the ghosts of Christmas past and a lot of sleepy parishioners!

We were lucky we got seats before the church filled up thereafter. And just before 4AM, a lot of people were already left standing.

But standing or seated, sleepy or not, ghost or living, everyone inside the church was gathered in prayer and faith.

Happy simbang gabi, everyone! 

I hope you're all able to complete your novena masses!

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