Saturday, 28 January 2017

Lucky 888 on The Year of the Fire Rooster!

I heard that the number '8' is a lucky number among the Chinese because its pronunciation sounds like the Chinese word that means 'fortune'.

So, when a few ocho-ocho (eight-eight) snacks were on my plate, I realized this must have been my lucky day! And it was! 

This Filipino snack, made of ground sticky rice, which was deep fried and bathed with caramelized brown sugar, is not only very sweet, but also very crunchy on the outside, then soft and bland on the inside. But the caramel mixture turns the whole thing enjoyably sweet.

And for everyone celebrating the new lunar year with your own Chinese delicacies, let me wish you all the 888 lucky on this year of the fire rooster!

Kung hei fat choy!

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