Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Pinoy in Korea

Five years and counting.

I never realized it until a note from the Korean Immigration arrived to remind me that my working visa is about to expire.

Yes, five years. Still here, enjoying the life in Seoul, which is just about three and a half hours away from Manila. I have finally completed all my requirements with a lot of help from Eun-Ah, who's a secretary from another department. I should treat her to lunch when I get my visa renewed.

Five years. Still working in the same professional services firm and actually enjoying my job.

Five years. Still living in the same apartment in Hannam-dong, with a nice, quiet, and safe neighborhood.

Five years. Still have the same friends and making new ones.

Five years. Still travelling and discovering Korea.

Five years. Still can't understand why women always get a 'high' when they are shopping in Myeongdong or in Dongdaemun, when the prices are...well, pricey. Although, I am guilty of splurging on something else. Ha-ha-ha!

Five years. Still improving my backhand on the clay courts of Seoul. Modesty aside, my forehand is already very mean.

Five years. From the President Lee Myung-bak, to Tom Cruise, to Nicholas Cage (and later Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, no less!) -- a few people I met or bumped into in Seoul. I expect to meet more interesting people along the way.

Five years. From Pita Time, to Tacos, to Thai Garden, to Agra, to Due Cose...just a few restaurants and fast food nooks which always never fail to make me happy after a meal.

Five years. From Starbucks, to Cafe Apassionato, to TomnToms...just a few coffee shops where I seek shelter for a coffee and a table where I can blog away.

Five years...of keeping in touch with Pinoys in Korea and enjoying Pinoy food with them.

Five years. Still haven't completed my diving lessons, though I love the ocean..without the sharks, of course.

Five years. Still not good at 한 굴. Ha-ha-ha!

On my sixth year, I will look back and write about the five years of my life, experiences and travels in Korea.

I am a Pinoy in Korea.

P.S. 'Pinoy' is slang for 'Filipino'.


  1. My Lord, I enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward for the next :)

  2. wow.. 5 years! chukahae! hehe.. I also want to work and live in SK like you kaso dko lam if may opportunities for pinoys. Ano po work and type of visa nyo sa Korea nung first time nyo pumunta? salamat po.. ^_^

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  5. Hi! I'm Cristine from Cebu, Philippines.

    I stumbled upon your blog today, while searching for some helpful tips in discovering Seoul (in preparation for my trip there late this year).

    I fell in love with Seoul when I vacationed for a week last September. I loved the city (and the shopping) so much that I decided to book a trip for my birthday this year =)

    Your blog has refueled my excitement! And reading that you've been staying there for about 6 years now makes me wanna work and live there as well, hahaha!

    More power and New Year!

  6. Thanks for the note, Cristine! I am sure the next time you visit, you will have more fun since you know more of the city already. Happy new year, too, and advance happy birthday!

  7. I stumbled upon your blog a few times now and I its just now that I decided to leave a comment. I read your recent posts and was so curious about your blog that I decided to check out your first post and how you started. I'm a Filipino also. I'm 22 this coming July and I will be going to Korea in 28 days! I can't believe that I can finally go after 2 years of waiting (since I started to Korea).

    I would also love to live in South Korea. Can I ask what is your work? I am an Accounting graduate and I want to stick to my line of work as much as possible. I don't know if there are accounting jobs for Filipino's in Korea. I'm not fluent in Korean -_- Just wondering on how I can live there. Haha :) Anyway, great blog! Looking forward to your next posts.

    1. Thanks for your comment, bbi. Getting a job here as an accountant would be difficult especially if you have no experience in the field and having some Korean language skills would help. Have fun on your visit to Korea and explore as much as you can while you're here!

  8. i stumbled on your blog...

    congrats...you must be one of the few (probably no more than 10 filipinos working as corporate professionals in korea) ...is that a multinational corporation? - i am sure its not a korean company?