Saturday, 19 December 2009

An Almost Pinoy Christmas Party In Korea!

Christmas is definitely the biggest holidays in the Philippines, where one would hear Christmas carols playing on the radio or in the malls as early as September! Yes, the Christmas atmosphere for Pinoys comes around when the name of the month ends in ‘ber’ – like Septem’ber’, Octo’ber’…and of course, Decem’BER’!

But for Filipinos not being able to come home for Christmas, they always make sure they are able to celebrate it wherever they may be.
And that’s what we, those who are in Korea, did a few days ago. My Pinoy friends Fay and Pong graciously offered their home in Itaewon to be our party venue. So, we gathered a few Pinoy families (including non-Pinoy spouses) all trying to dress in a festive mood, brought in some Pinoy delicacies, had parlor games for kids and their parents, sang some Christmas carols, danced and exchanged Christmas gifts!
Well, we did not have the traditional lechon (roasted pig) and puto-bumbong (sweetened colored rice cake topped with grated coconut and sprinkled with sugar and glazed with butter), but at least we had ensaimadas,kutsinta, suman, pitsi-pitsi, turon (all delicious native delicacies), pancit malabon and some non-Pinoy dishes.
Even though we were away from home, we made sure we still had a great time enjoying our Pinoy Christmas party in Korea.
With lots of leftover delicacies, I was able to enjoy them long after the party was over.



  1. Hi,

    I ran across your blog and was hoping to hear more about Hannam-dong as well as photos of the neighborhood in general.


  2. I will try to write more about my neighborhood when I return to Seoul next month.


  3. Wow seems you spend a great time, congrats for that, I usually spend christmas in my room because I don't really like it, don't know why. :S