Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Snowing Still in March??

And I thought it was already springtime!

The day started cool. The sun was out and a cool breeze here and there. And going out to lunch at noon was perfect! Lunch at a friend's house was sumptuous and fun....not to mention very filling!
Then later in the afternoon, from my office window, the mountains afar disappeared behind grey fog....or was it already snow? I couldn't tell.

And then time to flee the office when....howling winds celebrated with commuters on their homecoming and fresh snow showered every one on the road like a thin white blanket of spring petals. Lucky were the ones who had umbrellas, but for some who weren't prepared, they had to shake off the flurries which had then melted on their head, their coats and on their shoes!
It snowed on a Tuesday night in March. And I thought it was already spring!
I guess I still should keep my winter clothes. Winter doesn't want to leave yet. At least not until this weekend.


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