Sunday, 23 May 2010

Going back to the Roaring 20s

Molto grazie to Signor Maurizio and Signora Margarita for the invitation to join them at the Seoul International Women's Association's "Roaring 20s" party at the Grand Hilton Hotel at Seodaemun-gu.

As the party theme says, it's all about the 1920s: the costume, the look and of course, the attitude! With my hosts prepared to look the part, I was pressured to do the same!

So I googled the 1920s costumes and saw the easiest ensemble I could duplicate from my cabinet which contains mostly office shirts and pants, Nike tees and shorts, and a few mismatched socks.

After rummaging through dusty hangers and unpressed shirts, I was able to pull out a suit, a black shirt and a pair of white socks. Missing are a black fedora and a white tie. So off I hurried to Itaewon before the party day to look for a the fedora and white tie -- because who, in this year of 2010, would want to actually wear a white neck tie? Perhaps somebody from 1920s?

On the day, a Saturday, dressed up like a cross between Bugsy Malone and a gangster without a gang, I walked from my apartment to my hosts villa at the UN Village amidst the funny stares of the pedestrians I met along the main street. I didn't care if they thought I looked funny or amusing. I was Bugsy and they're lucky I didn't have a machine gun that afternoon. I only had a fake mousetache created by a marker pen. Hahaha!

At the party, almost everybody looked like they were from the 1920s -- with guys looking like the Godfather or another gangster like me (but with matching black-and-white shoes) and with the ladies with their frilly skirts, necklaces and headdresses.

The party was fun with all the costumes, the dancing, the food and the booze!

I didn't know the 1920s costumes were that easy, although I think the 2010 summer look is easier: a pair of shorts, a tee and a pair of sandals. And you wouldn't get that funny stare while walking around the neighborhood.


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