Sunday, 2 May 2010

Voting for the 2010 Philippine elections

It's a sizzling summer back home and it's not just the temperatures that are rising. It's only a week now before the Philippine national and local elections, and the political campaigns heading to the homestretch are as hot as the weather.

For Filipinos away from home, their chance to make their voices heard is through the Overseas Absentee Voting. If you are a Pinoy (like me) and registered to vote abroad while away from home (like me), you can make your vote count!

And so, even a month before the elections, I cast my own vote last April 10. Yes, that was three weeks ago. I wanted to vote early to make sure my voice is heard. For overseas voters, the polling centers (mostly in the Philippine embassies worldwide) opened a month before the actual election day in Pinas, which is May 10.

These votes will be counted after the polling centers close in the afternoon of May 10.

So, for all Pinoys living in Korea who haven't voted yet, I encourage you to make your votes count, and your voices heard.


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