Sunday, 13 June 2010

Holding the FIFA World Cup trophy....or just standing next to one

The final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is two weeks away, which means the winning national team has two weeks to wait to hold le trophie de Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

I don't have to wait for two weeks. I already stood next to it. Yes, just stood next to it. Ha-ha-ha! Two months ago.

The rules are only the winners, dignitaries or selected celebrities are able to hold the gold trophy (actually 75% gold) which weighs about 5 kilos. So, when the The Trophy dropped by in Seoul on April 21, 2010, while it's on its world tour, I didn't pass up the chance.

Luckily, the Coca-Cola-sponsored visit took place at my neighborhood I-Park Mall, and during my lunch break, I hurried to the mall and visited The Trophy.

There were some Coca-Cola girls promoting the World Cup (as well as my favorite softdrink) at the venue, which gladly posed for a photo and helped me secure a pass to see The Trophy.

Too bad, no photography was allowed inside the CGV Cinema 9 where The Trophy held court. So I just tried to steal a few shots. (No flash!)

For the World Cup fans (like me on that day) who wanted to pose with The Trophy, a FIFA official photographer was there to take my photo, the hardcopy of which I claimed on my way out. The digital copy (which I'm posting here was sent by a Coca-Cola FIFA website.

Though not a football fan, at least I was able to stand next to The Trophy. Or I think it's actually a replica - why would they show off around the world the real one when some crazy people would steal it again? (In 1983, the previous World Cup trophy was stolen and was never recovered.)

And I had a feeling that perhaps they knew I wasn't into football. Why? They almost cut my head off in the digital copy they sent. Ha-ha-ha!

Well, two weeks from now, the real winners will be able to actually hold the real Trophy in their hands, while I only stood next to a replica.


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