Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Winners of the Jose Rizal Essay Competition in South Korea

On Jose Rizal's 149th birthday, June 19, 2010, (a Saturday) the winners of the Jose Rizal essay writing competition were recognized at the awards ceremony held at the Seoul City Hall Annex's Theater.

The writing competition, organized by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, was held to commemorate the 149th anniversary of the Philippine National Hero.

The competition was divided into two categories:

Category A was open to Korean nationals who were required to write about the Philippines and the 60th year commemoration of the Korean War.

Category B was open to Filipinos living in South Korea, with the theme 'Finding Jose Rizal in South Korea: A Migrant's Perspective'.

The winners of Category A were: Mr. Kim Jae-Ho (1st place), Mr. Lee San-Ha (2nd place), and Ms. Kyu Moon-Na (3rd place), while the winners of Category B were: Mr. Christian Romero (1st place), and the third place was shared by Mr. Vincente Angel Ybiernas and Mr. Inrico Orbe. And I think I know who won the second place. Hahaha!

The first place winners received Medals of Excellence, round-trip tickets to Manila and cash prizes, while the runners-up received cash prizes and certificates of excellence.

The prizes were awarded by the Philippine Ambassador Luis T. Cruz, while the awarding ceremony was sponsored by the Seoul Chapter of the United Pilipinas in Korea (UPIKOR).

After the awarding ceremony, the film 'Rizal in Dapitan' was shown and enjoyed by the winners, their families and a few of their friends while munching down caramelized popcorn, cheese-flavored doritos and drinks courtesy of the UPIKOR.



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