Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fly me over Fuji...

During summer time in Korea, every one goes on vacation. Some prefer to relax at home, most travel around the peninsula, and a few fly abroad.

That's why I wasn't at all surprised if every other guy I bumped into at my workplace's elevator lately asked me, "When are you going on vacation?" Not wanting to lie, I always said, "Yesterday." Ha-ha-ha!

Yes, even before this summer started, I was able to sneak out of Seoul and enjoyed a few days off at the next door neighbor, Japan!

Upon the invitation of wonderful friends, Glen and Arlene, who moved to Tokyo, I decided to go on a vacation before everyone else did.

So, on late spring, I went to the Asiana Airlines office to get a plane ticket and asked the accommodating reservations lady to get me a seat which would allow me to see Mount Fuji on my flights to and from Tokyo. Not knowing which side of the plane she was going to seat me, she did what I would do myself - call a pilot!

How resourceful! I was impressed! And while I was still seated there in front of her while she was typing in my personal information into her computer, I had a feeling that I was about to enjoy this Asiana Airlines experience.

And I did! Asiana did not disappoint.

Seated at the right side of the plane, I was able to see Mount Fuji, up close and altitudinal! Ha-ha-ha!

And seated at the right section of the plane, I noticed one familiar face. So I asked a stewardess whether that gentlemen sitting in front of the business class section was a Korean actor, and she said he was. His name? Park Shin-Yang of the 'Lovers in Paris' drama. (I was told his name was 'Carlo' in the dubbed version shown in the Philippines). But unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of dramas; so I left him alone. He was seated on the wrong side of the plane anyway. He didn't see Mount Fuji. Ha-ha-ha!

Enjoying the view of Mount Fuji from my window reminded me of the numerous postcard-perfect photos of the mountain. But none of them could replace the experience of actually seeing it. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to ask the stewardess to tell the pilot to circle the mountain one more time because I couldn't get enough of its perfect symmetrical cone with the snow blanketing its slopes making me wish I were skiing down on it like the Vancouver Winter Olympians. I hesitated though. They might just kick out of the plane this crazy passenger seated at 3A. Ha-ha-ha!

So, 'arigato gozaimasu' to Asiana Airlines for the perfect seat, perfect view and perfect inflight service! And the food was good, too!

I was wondering whether you have flights over Mount Everest? Ha-ha-ha!

(Those are Park Shin-Yang's Japanese fans waiting for him at the Haneda Airport).

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