Friday, 16 July 2010

For whom the (Taco) Bell tolls...

My apologies to Ernest Hemingway and John Donne for borrowing their words just so I can have a catchy title for today's blog.

And as it's about Taco Bell! (And I should be given free tacos for this!)

I first saw that huge Taco Bell sign in Itaewon last March 2010, and like any one who treats Itaewon as his (or her) playground, a new restaurant (or a fastfood chain, for that matter) is always welcome!

So after it finally opened a couple of weeks back, my friend Lucy and I decided to grab some lunch at Taco Bell to try the new place. But, woooh! When we got there, the line stretched up to the sidewalk, with people willing to wait under the nasty noon time sun just get a taco or a burrito...or both!

Unwilling to get partially tanned during the a work day, we decided to grab lunch at Taco Amigo, the Mexican restaurant down that same road.

So, today, with the rain keeping people away from Itaewon and everywhere else, I thought that there wouldn't be a long line at Taco Bell. And I was right!

Getting off from work and the Itaewon subway station, I sprinted to Taco Bell with a very empty stomach and was immediately served just a minute after I got in!

And I got me a taco....a burrito...and a drink!

So, for whom does the Taco Bell toll?

It actually tolls ... for the hungry.


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