Tuesday, 6 July 2010

R16 B-Boy Masters Championships in Seoul...

Thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization for the free tickets! I usually stay away from performances or events at the Olympic Park as it usually takes more than an hour by bus and subway rides from my place.

But since I haven't seen any B-Boy competition and the ticket was free, I decided to go...on the second day. The first day was the solo competitions; the second day was the crew competitions with participants from Korea, Spain, France, Germany, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Vietnam and China! I don't know much about dance moves called locking or popping, but I think I know what 'b-boys' (break-boys) do.

The battles were a display of creativity, energy, flexibility, showmanship and the strong neck bones! These guys were spinning on their necks much faster than I can spin on my swivel chair! And they could spin so balanced, like they have mastered how to center their weight right atop of their heads upside down! It was like the men's gymnastics routine on the floor exercises but with DJs and electronic music!

I was able to sneak backstage and chat with the Philippine crew, who called themselves P-Noise. Congratulations to them for their hard work and for having defeated the Puerto Rican crew on the quarterfinals, but the P-Noise lost to the eventual champion, Jinjo Crew, at the semis.

I was actually impressed with the performances of the Jinjo Crew from Korea, who were very creative in their moves, and I thought their jacket routine was really creative and inventive. They deserved to win!

The crew competition started from 6 PM and lasted until about 10, causing me to starve right in the middle of the competition as I neglected to bring anything to feed myself with. But I guess I was able to feed on the energy of the whole Olympic Park where the audience cheered and screamed each time they saw moves which no average person would be able to duplicate.

It was a great show and a great competition! Kudos to the R16 competitors and organizers! My only question was: Why were the R16 t-shirts so freakin' expensive?

I hope to watch it again next year!