Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Angelina Jolie's SALT -- the must-see movie of 2010!

And she didn't disappoint! Angelina Jolie's SALT, that is!

As if seeing Angelina Jolie at the SALT press conference wasn't enough, I had a ticket to the premiere! And thanks again to some wonderful friends who made sure I had premiere tickets, I hurried to Times Square, that huge mall next to the Yeongdongpu Station, where Angelina would show up again!

The Starium, CGV Times Square's showcase cinema, which reportedly has the widest screen in Asia (and it was indeed w---i---d---e!), was where the SALT premiere was going to be.

And when I got there, the area and the escalators around the red carpet where she would pass and greet her fans were all filled with screaming fans awaiting her arrival.

And you can just imagine the chaos when she did arrive! The screams got louder and the pushing got harder! I pity the CGV personnel who were trying to block the path leading to the red carpet, trying as they could to limit the fans into the area. The security guards must have had a tough time trying to get the fans off the escalators leading to the Starium.

But after she greeted her fans, she went into the Starium to greet the lucky ones (me included) who had tickets to the premiere! She was gorgeous (as usual) in a black dress. There were a couple of fans who created statues for her; one was pregnant, the other not. She was visibly touched by the efforts (it took them three months to make the statues) that she asked them to come up the stage. She talked to them and gave them a hug. Luckily, they didn't faint! Hahaha!

Well, she didn't stay long. She promised to back next September though, with the whole family! And before she left, she wished everyone a great time watching the movie...and this lucky fan did enjoy it!

It was a different Angelina movie. Full of action and twists and guns! I love it! I couldn't tell you about it here in case you haven't seen it. But I highly recommend that you do watch it!

SALT is the must-see movie of the year!


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