Sunday, 12 September 2010

Finding a 'Fresh Burger'

I was at Dungbo (East) Ichon-dong (in Yongsan-gu) the other week to pick up my photo competition prize from the Ichon Seoul Global Center when lunch time caught me while I was on my to the Ichon Station.

Instead of going back to my usual choice of restaurants near my work place, I turned around and decided to explore Ichon-dong’s lunch menus.

When I got Ichon-dong’s main road, I paused and stood under a Gingko tree to take shade from the noontime sun and the summer heat. While temporarily cooling myself, I spotted an arcade plastered with the familiar fast food pizza brands. I crossed the road and let my hungry stomach guide me to where it wanted to go.

Ignoring the idea of a pizza lunch, I came across the door over which a unique name was placed: ‘Fresh Burger’

‘Burger for lunch it is’ - my stomach decided.

As I went inside, the small café-like atmosphere and the blast of the cold breeze from the airconditioner welcomed this hungry wanderer, who wasted no time to order the burger which sounded delicious based on the description on the menu.
Although lunch time and there were other patrons in the small room of about seven tables, I was lucky to find a empty table where I (and my empty stomach) awaited with curiosity the ‘fresh’ burger I ordered.

Then it arrived on my table….after five minutes!

Although warmer than the temperatures outside, the burger filled with onions, tomatoes and lettuce, layered with cheese, and accompanied with deep-fried potatoes, made me realize that I made the right decision to make a 180-degree turn from the Ichon Station and explore Ichon-dong’s lunch menu that day.
This was not the usual fast food burger – this was a real lunch – in a form of a sandwich! Ha-ha-ha!

And that was not the last time I ventured all the way to Ichon-dong to enjoy that burger again. That nice discovery brought me back there to ‘Fresh Burger’ for a second time, which I am sure will be followed by a third…and a fourth....and a…

In case you want to discover the joint yourself, it’s a short walk from Exit No. 4 of the Ichon Station. Once you get to the main street, turn left until you see 711. It’s on that arcade opposite 711, alongside some fast food pizza joints.



  1. thanks for the tip.. i might meet up with my cousin there. it would be nice to bring him somewhere nice.

  2. OMG that burger looks truely amazing? I find it so hard to find a decent burger one I had so far was down in Busan...I still dream of that burger! haha