Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Favorite Korean Duo: Kimbap and Cheese Ramyeon!

Kimbap is the most basic of all Korean food:   cooked rice, scrambled egg and veggies rolled in 'kim' (dried seaweed), sliced into bite sizes and you have a complete meal!

And cheese ramyeon is ramen in a mild spicy broth topped with a square piece of cheese!

These two are my favorite duos.  They have to come together or ...I won't eat!  Ha-ha-ha!

And one of the easiest places to get them from is Kimbap Jeonkuk (or Kimbap Paradise)!  This kimbap restaurant is almost everywhere and offers the most reasonable prices when it comes to the most popular Korean dishes. It's not your fancy Korean restaurant, but is very popular because of the variety of Korean dishes they offer at prices affordable to everyone. 

And the Korean ajummas (middle-aged women) at Kimbap Jeonkuk cook fast!  As mothers themselves (I presume), they must have that feeling that these patrons who come into their restaurant are hungry, in a hurry and in need of nourishment only they can offer and provide.  From young students, to construction workers, office people, travelers and even the whole family are just some regulars to these kimbap joints.

And me? I am just another fan of kimbap and cheese ramyeon -- the Korean duo that never fails to bring happiness (and a few calories) to my belly every time.

(The kimbap photo above is my favorite kimbap, 'keran mari kimbap', a kimbap rolled in a thin layer of scrambled egg.)


  1. They were so delicious looking.
    My mouth watered at the sight of this photo.
    I love Kimbap, and Ramyeon.
    and many Koreans love them, too.

    As you know, KimbapCheonguk (김밥천국) is the most popular bunsik brand in Korea.

    p.s. I'm a south Korean.

  2. hi, i like cheese ramyeon, too. glad to have found your site from other pinoy bloggers here in korea.

  3. Thank you for the comments, guys. I enjoy having them eventhough I know the weight gain if I have them every day.