Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Washed Out Chuseok Holiday...

It's supposed to be the start of the Chuseok holidays when everyone is on the road visiting their hometowns, families and relatives all over the country. But in Seoul, the weather has its own idea of what 'thanksgiving' was supposed to be.

In my neighborhood today, it was just drizzling when I made my way to my friends Cora and Cris's home for lunch to join them in their wedding anniversary celebration. Amidst our enjoyment of Cora's pancit, kare-kare and suman, the rain and winds were also busy celebrating outside, inundating the neighborhood and causing some flooding and heavy traffic on the main intersection as the buses and cars slowed down under the downpour.

And if this was happening in Hannam-dong, I was sure this scene was duplicated elsewhere in the city. And it was.

....A washed out Chuseok holiday.  

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