Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yeosu City, The Host of the 2012 Expo

Founded in 538 C.E. as part of Wonchon and Dolsan administrative subdivisions during the Baekje Dynasty under King Sejong, and becoming a city in 1998,  Yeosu is a coastal city on the southern edge of the Korean peninsula.

It is a charming city along the southern coast with its own share of tourist attractions. From the Dolsan Bridge (above) to Odong, Baek and Sa Islands, to its massive industrial complexes which house the manufacturing sites of some Korean conglomerates, to temples and beaches, the turtle ship festival, and of course, the happy faces of the locals that greet you everywhere, these are just a few reasons why I have to go back there. Perhaps, these are also the reasons why it was chosen to host the 2012 Expo.

To be held from May 12 to August 12, 2012, the International Exposition will attract thousands (or perhaps millions?) of tourists, including myself.

I just wish I will be able to squeeze myself into the expo and get myself a place to stay. So as early as now, I am calling on my friend Huck to please help me reserve a hotel room. Otherwise, I will be camping out at his garage.

I was able to reach Yeosu by train from Yongsan Station, travelling for about 5 hours. It was fun ride as the scenery of the countryside kept me entertained all throughout the journey. On my way back, I took a flight from the Yeosu Airport, which is just about an hour from Gimpo Airport.



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  2. Hey)) How to do the cheapest international call from Korea to Philippines? My boyfriend goes to Philippines this mounth….I heard that KT 00345 international service is cheapest in Korea…it’s only 5 won for one second…Did you try it…or…. Do you know the better one?

  3. Hi anonymous,

    Although I'm not an expert on these international call thingy, I suggest you buy 'international call cards', which are sold in Itaewon. I'm not sure how much they cost nowadays. But if my memory serves me right, I remember each card costs KRW 10,000 and enables you to call for 100 minutes. That's 1.66 won per second. Cheaper that what you quoted above.

    Or...use SKYPE. You can video-talk with him...for FREE!

  4. Hi, anonymous,
    Thank you for your answer...Last week I bought some international card on Tongdemun, but it wasn't work...So, finally, I tried this Kt International call service...It's pretty good...and easy..
    But, anyway, BIG Thanks for your answer^^