Sunday, 28 November 2010

And Hannam-dong Turned Yellow....

And the leaves finally fell....

As I crossed the pedestrian lane every morning last week en route to my work, the yellow leaves of the Gingko trees along Hannam-dong's main road fell one by one, branch by branch until one morning, the trees were finally reduced to leaf-less twigs. 

With winter finally in the peninsula, the strong breezes caressing the trees brought all the yellow leaves down, turning the sidewalks into a yellow carpet of Gingko leaves.

It would have been a pretty scenery had the leaves stayed on the trees in their unique yellow color for weeks, where pedestrians and motorists passing through the main road would enjoy looking at, as I did.

But while they were, the Gingko trees and their colors were a sight to enjoy indeed.

(These the photos from the last fall by the way. The trees did not turn yellow at the same time this year. Global warming has reached Hannam-dong.)

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