Friday, 12 November 2010

The G20 Volunteers in Seoul!

As you move around Seoul during the G20 summit this week, you will find these young, university-age volunteers in their white jackets helping tourists, foreigners, and international delegates and journalists who are in Seoul for the G20 Summit.

I was able to talk to three G20 Summit volunteers who were assigned around the Cheonggye Stream. They told me that there are about 5,000 volunteers like them, who are scattered all over Seoul: at subway stations, at around COEX, hotels and places of interest. 

They said that they had to pass a series of interviews (for their English skills) and tests (for their knowledge about G20 and the City).

And so I tried to quiz them!

I asked them where will the next G20 summit be held (France) and what's the name of the French President's wife (Carla Bruni). And they gave me the right answers! 

But before I left them, I congratulated them for their work and wished them luck in the days to come. But of course, they also queried with me  a question I am always asked...

"Where are you from?"

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  1. I come accross your blog and I'm having a great time reading all your don't have your email in your profile...gusto sana kita email, I have a lot of things to ask, hehe.. Godbless and more power to you :D Mabuhay ka ^_^