Thursday, 11 November 2010

Peppero Day in Korea!

Who invented the Peppero Day in Korea?

Today, November 11, somebody gave me a box of Peppero, that snack of long, thin ‘pretzel’ sticks dipped in chocolate. On Peppero Day, friends and people in love exchange Peppero treats to signify friendship and love, according to Korean friends.

November 11 looks like four Peppero sticks if written as 11-11.  So, I’m thinking it was the makers of this snack who invented Peppero Day and creatively convinced everyone that if they give Peppero to their friends on November 11, it signifies their love for their friends or something of that sort.

So, if you roam around your neighborhood in Korea and chance upon a grocery or a convenient store, I’m sure you would see their Peppero goodies laid outside with stuff toys and other sweets for friends and lovers to exchange with the people they care about.

And if you received one today, it should remind that you somebody cares for you. Mine reminded me that somebody cared if I went hungry. I had it as morning snack.

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  1. Happy Pepero Day! Hope you received a lot of Pepero. :)