Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Welcoming The G20 in Seoul!

Well, well, well...The gang's all here!

It's the week of the G20 in Seoul, where security is tight, police are everywhere, and what you'll hear and see are police sirens and their blinkers.  It's understandable. With the heads of state of the biggest economies in the world gathered in one city block, no one's taking chances.

On Thursday night, the world leaders will be grabbing dinner at the National Museum of Korea, where my Green Bus passes through every day.  I wonder if they would reroute my bus and the traffic? Should I take the subway instead...or perhaps, join them for dinner? Ha-ha-ha! 

And at COEX, where the summit will be held on Friday, the Samseong Subway Station is off limits to everyone as the train won't stop at that station, which means I wouldn't be able to grab my favorite  'dakoyaki' at the Hyundai Department Store's food court on those two days! I'm going to starve! Ha-ha-ha! But it's okay. I can hold my craving for two days.

So, to all the heads of state at the G20, I wish that you are all able to agree on decisions on what to do with the world economy. I wish you success!

And when you're done with your meetings, you are always welcome to visit my neighborhood, where I promise to treat you to some puffy omelette or some pizza as a reward for a job well done! Just let me know a day in advance. The brunch place and the Italian restaurant are always full.


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