Thursday, 4 November 2010

White Snow and the Seven Snowboarders!

Last weekend, while everyone on the street was all bundled up for the cooler temperatures of autumn, I braved the cool day in shorts!  Why? My body is still in denial. It still thinks it's summer! Ha-ha-ha!
Actually, I think my body has acclimatized to the weather in the Korean peninsula after all these years. So, for me, last weekend's temperatures were not that cold enough.
So I left the house in shorts and sneakers with nary a purpose but to pick up grocery from I-Park Mall.  I took the Green Bus from Hannam-dong which went all the way to Yongsan Station, and when I got off, I was weirdly surprised!
A snowboarding ramp! Right in front of the mall, complete with snow and snow-boarders!
I walked closer and found out that it's a promotion for a snowboard brand, which I guess spent lots of money to buy crushed ice and spread them all over the ramp, slowly melting under the afternoon autumn sun.

And as I stood there, for a moment I thought it was winter if not for the shorts I was wearing! I was dressed for the wrong season! Ha-ha-ha!

As I was momentarily distracted from my primary purpose (grocery!), I walked around the venue taking photos of the snowboarders who must have wished they were in an actual ski slope sliding through real snow. You could tell that their downhill run was not as smooth as compared to riding down through real snow.
Oh well, either white ice, or white 'snow', the marketing of the snowboard brand by bringing it to the mall was one creative idea which I hope would make people buy their snowboard and actually use it on real snow this winter.
Now, where's my grocery list?

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  1. that was nice!...kkkk...your body is acting like a korean now