Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's Spicy! It's Healthy! It's... AL-TANG!

When that tuna restaurant next to my work place closed down two years ago, I thought there wasn't any other place where I could get one of my favorite dishes.

But lucky me (as always!), I discovered there was another one nearby! A sushi restaurant across the street also serves Al-Tang
Al-Tang literally means 'fish-eggs stew', and gastronomically, it means 'yummy'! Ha-ha-ha!
Indeed, it is! It's a boiling, spicy stew with fish eggs (roe) and lots of mushrooms, onions and other veggies, and seasoned with flavors which make me drool....while I finish this sentence. Ha-ha-ha!
Compared to another stew, Buddae-jji-gae, I think I would prefer Al-Tang. And this one must also be enjoyed with rice. Plus, they serve lots of side dishes that compliment whatever you're having!  With people even queuing for a table at lunch time, this restaurant is a neighborhood favorite!
I should have my bowl of Al-Tang soon, and I should be there early!

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