Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Pinoy in Tokyo: Pilipin Taishikan Wa Doko Desu Ka? (Where Is The Philippine Embassy?)

I had to rush that late afternoon to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo to meet up with a friend, Jaqi, who works there.
                      (McDonald's at the corner street)
Heading to the Roppongi District, I took the subway and got off at the Roppongi Station, and started to navigate my way with a map and directions from Jaqi and from the Philippine Embassy website. And with my very good sense of direction, pagnaligaw pa ako, ewan ko lang (if I get lost even with these, I wouldn't be able to explain how)! Ha-ha-ha!
                        (Subway Sandwich-turn right)
The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo is situated on a property which was a part of the war reparations for the Philippines. And it's in the Roponggi District, a part of the Minato Ward and home to several embassies, glitzy restaurants and pricey bars! 
 (The lane heading to the Embassy)
Roponggi Hills, an area complete with urban entertainment, museums and offices, apartments and parks, designed to incorporate urban living around offices, is also in that neighborhood.
(Toyota is in the neighborhood)
And as I followed the map and Jaqi's directions, which included the left turns, the right turns and the Subway Sandwich landmark, I just wandered and took my steps around Roponggi much like a typical tourist; only looking at the bars, and not touch! Ha-ha-ha! 
(View of the Mori Tower from the route)
As the Embassy was easy to find, it took me more time stopping at corners to take photos and crossing the pedestrian lanes. 
It didn't take me long to find myself at the gate of the Embassy, ready to ask for Jaqi and to request a political asylum. Ha-ha-ha!
(Malapit na!)
The neighborhood is actually residential. Even the property is residential, with higher floors being apartments. So, during weekends when lots of Filipinos visit the Embassy, everyone had to hush down with their kuwentuhan and tsismisan while milling around the Embassy grounds. 
I was happy to have visited the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo. But it would have been more fun had I stepped into the Philippine Embassador's residence at the neighboring Chiyoda Ward, which I heard was interesting and very historical.
(Jose Rizal-san at the lobby)

Perhaps on the next visit? Hi, Amba!

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