Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Cherry Blossoms of Nam-san!

I am lucky I live nearby. 
Hannam-dong, my neighborhood in Yonsan-gu, sits at the foot of Nam-san (Mt. Nam), which happens to be the geographical center of Seoul. 
I have lazily strolled on several occasions from the main Hannam-dong lane to the peak of Nam-san (where the N-Seoul Tower stands). On cool days, my stroll would usually take less than an hour which includes stopping to take photos, and looking at both directions when crossing the pedestrian lanes to avoid getting run over by Korean drivers who think that traffic lights are mere suggestions, and that the red, green or yellow lights always mean to.... speed up! Ha-ha-ha!

Going back to Nam-san.

In spring, when the foliage covering the mountain comes back to life, Seoulites and tourists would converge at the mountain not just to enjoy the weather, but to also enjoy the cherry blossom trees of the mountain.

The number of cherry blossom trees at Nam-san may not be as much as those in Yeouido. Neither are they lit with colored lights at night, but just the same, people flock to see the blooms.
The view of the tower from the Nam-san Park (photo below) is also postcard-perfect, especially if the sun is your side and the skies are clear. This park is a few meters up the Yongsan Library, and has a fountain and a variety of colorful flowers planted around it.
The best route to enjoy the cherry blossoms of Nam-san is from the Yongsan Library, on that side where the Blue Buses 402 and 405A pass through. 

That path is lined with cherry blossoms and leads up to the peak. The same path is the same road taken by the buses coming down the mountain.

The Blue Bus 402 comes from the Gangnam area (from the other side of the Han River), through Hannam-dong and then up the mountain. On the other side of Nam-san, this bus turns around at Gwanghwamun and then through Namdaemun, then continues its route through the mountain.

The Blue Bus 405 comes from Itaewon, through Hangangjin Station, then up the mountain.

But in case you see those Yellow Buses around Nam-san, these not only bring you to the foot, these buses ferry passengers up to the peak, at the N-Seoul Tower. The Yellow Bus 03 also passes through Itaewon.

I will be strolling from Hannam-dong to Nam-san one of these cool days not to only see the cherry blossoms and the rest of the spring flowers, but give myself some cardio exercises (if ever it will be one. Ha-ha-ha!). 

And just as in Yeouido, parking during this time of the cherry blossoms will be a headache. So I suggest you just take a bus or walk up the mountain. And if you do, I may just bump into you.  
And let's not forget our cameras!

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